Reliable Software Solutions Inc.

What is a Microsoft certification?  
Microsoft develops a series of tests to gauge your skill level in
different areas of IT.  You must complete several tests with passing
scores in order to be rewarded a Microsoft certification.  
Certifications change as the technology changes.

What does a Microsoft certification really mean?
It means that you have a broad understanding of the area you are
certified in.  Basically it says "I know what is necessary about this
area in order to do a competent job".

As the owner/operator of Reliable Software Solutions Inc. I
possess many certifications, but the 2 most important and recent
certifications I have are:

Enterprise Application Developer
This certification covers both web and Windows-based
applications.  It also covers applications on an enterprise (largest)
scale.  This is the "highest" certification you can achieve for
software development.

Database Developer
This certification covers everything needed to know about Microsoft
SQL Server databases from a software developer's perspective.  It
covers everything from design to enhancing database performance.