Reliable Software Solutions Inc.
How It Works (page 1)

Below is a brief description of the software development process
that you can expect from Reliable Software Solutions Inc.:

Initial Meeting(s)
The process starts with a meeting between the software engineer
and the client.  They will discuss the client's needs and the type of
solution desired.  The engineer will help the client to understand
their choices if the client does not already know exactly what they
want.  The high-level (broad) requirements will be outlined.

From the initial meeting(s) the software engineer will prepare a
document that outlines the requirements, estimated budget, and
time-line.  The proposal also serves as a contract between
Reliable Software Solutions Inc. and the client.  The proposal
document may undergo several revisions until both the client and
software engineer are satisfied.

Design Document(s)
Once the client accepts the proposal then work begins.  This is
when billing starts.  If the project is large then additional design
documents and meetings may be required to supplement the initial
proposal.  These additional documents will further define the
requirements in detail which may include conceptual database and
user interface designs.

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