Reliable Software Solutions Inc.
How It Works (page 2)

Once the requirements documentation has been approved by the
client, then the implementation begins.  You can expect frequent
communication from the software engineer.  Questions tend to pop
up as the application is developed.  Sometimes meetings are
required, but generally this communication is done through email
or phone conferences.  The client will be frequently notified of the
progress of the project and where it stands against the proposed
budget and time-line.  This includes showing the client the current
state of the development.  For web applications, this would entail  
updating our testing servers (which the client has access to) so
that the client can view the current state of the application.  For
Windows applications, this would entail screen-shots and/or
on-site demos.

Change Request(s)
Many times as the application is developed the client may change
his or her mind or new features will be added.  A document is
prepared that outlines the additional work and is signed by the
client.  Please keep in mind that change requests affect the
time-line and budget of the project.  

During and after implementation the software engineer tests the
application.  This should catch most bugs, but it is always helpful
when end users test the application.  Typically the client will supply
additional testing.  If necessary, we can supply subcontractors for
testing purposes.

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