Reliable Software Solutions Inc.
How It Works (page 3)

Once testing is complete the new application is deployed (setup) in
its final environment.  At this point the application is the client's to
use.  Sometimes conversions must be done to transfer the client
from an old software system to the new application.

After deployment, bugs may still pop up or overlooked features may
need to be added.  Reliable Software Solutions Inc. guarantees
that we will support your application for one month after deployment.

Service Contract
If the client still requires the software engineer's time after the
maintenance period is over then a service contract is setup.  
Service can be defined as helping the client as problems arise.
Generally these contracts are for a certain amount of hours a week
and are a "use or lose" scenario.  

Further Enhancements
If the client requires further enhancements then this whole process
starts over again from the Initial Meeting(s) stage.

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